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to get Donaldson is to get so drunk that you cannot remember what you did that night
and caused you to take long lost walks
"Did you see that girl?"
"no what was wrong with her?"
"she was completly donaldson"
"did she go missing"
"yep did propper donaldson and didnt turn up until 4 in the morning"
by delray87 May 22, 2013
Kicking in back doors like Santa clause, A festive themed nickname for the act of anal sex
"ah dude she was so filthy she all about me kicking in back doors like santa clause"
by Delray87 December 01, 2011
A phrase shouted out by Ewoks when they are either being attacked or overjoyed
Luke "the empire is defeated!"
Ewok "wutini!!!!"
by Delray87 December 01, 2011

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