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1. Slow down before you miss an opportunity
2. Watch out before you say something you may regret
1. I told T 'pump yo brakes there go a gang of hotties over there.'

2. Dell "Boy, I'm about to put my foot in yo a$$! I'm going to beat you like you stloe something, whip you like yo mama should have when you was a kid!!"
Kev "Yo! You need to pump yo brakes before you find yo self in a hospital room."
by Delow January 18, 2006
When it is your turn to drive the carpool to work, school, sporting events, ect.
This is the week I am driving the bus to work so I know we will be on time for a change.
by Delow August 30, 2005
peace, as in holding up the index and middle finger to make the peace sign
Low "I'm out"
Row "2 1's my brutha"
by Delow October 29, 2005

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