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The act of being screwed over, fucked over, or hung out to dry by a person previously deemed as a friend. This act is particuarly painful because the person committing it was thought to be your friend.
"Dude we got totally flinned when he left us at the concert without a ride home."

"That motherfucker has flinned me for the last time!"
by Delmas March 09, 2008
A female originating from a backwoods country setting refered to as a "holler" but in reality being a hollow. This person is identified by having a redneck mentality and can be recoqnized as having many of the following characteristics: a grade school education, having many children out of wedlock by different fathers, always looking for a fight, living in substandard conditions with multiple family members, and sometimes speaking with a dialect only other "holler" people understand.
"Janet sleeps in a bed with her sister and three brothers. She's such a holler honey."

"That holler honey got in another fight at the county fair with her cousin because he slept with her brother."

"All that holler honey eats is potted meat sandwiches."
by Delmas March 09, 2008
A term referring to a sexual encounter between a man and a woman where the man makes the woman have extreme orgasims. Hitting the G-spot
"Mark sure did bust some cummers at that gangbang last night" "Male porn stars are good at bustin cummers"
by Delmas March 09, 2008
Can be one who doesnt have sex with any but their self, Or can be used in the same way as the term tool.
"Danny thinks that stupid slut is his girlfriend " yeah she has sex with everone except him, all she does is take is money what a tooljacker" "Ted is 40 and still live at home with is parents he is such a fucking tool jacker"
by Delmas March 10, 2008
It is a very crazy creature that lives in the Appalachian Mts. It is a very aggresive creature that likes to throw objects such as hammers ect. This creature is thought to be related to Yeti or Sasquach but much shorter. It has been know to sketch on inanimat objects to express it feelings..
"Timmy and I was camping this weekend and saw a ChedderHall"
by Delmas March 11, 2008
When one person plays with their bag until their hands have a distinct sweaty balls bag odor and then this person places their fingers under the nostril of some tool or jackass. This tool or jackass is then called "bag sniffer".
Chris has been playing with his hairy, sweaty balls after gym class. Once his hands wreak of his sweaty, salty balls he goes over to Reed and tells him he's just fingered a girl. He says, "Smell my finger." Reed sniffs his moist hands. All of the other guys knew what Chris was doing and die laughing when he says, "Reed, you are a bag sniffer!" This title remained with him his entire high school career.
by Delmas March 13, 2008
Some one who has small traces or large of about of cum on their lips!!
Hey Jizz lips wipe your face. "Look at that fag steve and his gay as jizz lips"
by Delmas March 11, 2008

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