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Pour gun powder into your partner's ass. Repeatedly fist their ass til the powder is packed tight and deep like a good ol' colonial cannon. Stick a wick in your penis shaft. Light the wick. Plunge your cock into your partner's ass. CUMBOOM!!!
I used a Delaware Powder Mill to get some other guy's condom out of my wife's ass.
by Delmarva Inbreeds July 25, 2009
Ingredients needed:

1. cherry tomato
2. onion
3. green pepper
5. perferably a midget

Start this sexual act by stuffing a cherry tomato, onion, and a green pepper up your partner's ass (perferably a midget).

Next, you pound your partner in the ass 'til all of the vegetables are so mashed they stick to your cockmeat.

Then, yank that dripping pole out of her swollen ass and feed her that dirty man-meat . . . DEEP down her hungry throat . . .

Yummyyyyy ! ! ! ! ! !
My cock was so deep up this midgets ass the tomato from my rusty kabob came out the back of her throat.
by Delmarva Inbreeds July 26, 2009
Equipment needed:

1. Girl
2. Jumper cables
3. Bucket of ice cubes
4. Boots
5. Proper safety knowledge

Chain your "freak on a leash" (a willing "Bride", of course) to a steel pole . . . arms bound above her head . . . completely buck-naked.

Ice down her nipples (nipple rings "perferred") with ice cubes until their erect like icicles.

Showtime . . . clamp one end of the jumper cables to a car battery and the other end to her nipples. Make sure you are wearing boots with the proper insulation.

To ensure she is receiving the proper "charge" . . . spark her ass-nition with your power rod . . .

and Enjoy ! ! !
One night I was working late in my auto garage when a barbie doll walked in needing a "jump" . . . suffice to say I gave her the "Bride of Clamp-N-Stein".
by Delmarva Inbreeds July 26, 2009
While your bangin' a phat chick in the tailpipe on a balcony, you pour orange paint all over her rolls, shout "FIRE IN THE HOLE", then punt her ass off.
After I was done seedin' this plumper's patch, I gave her the ol' pumpkin chunkin'.
by Delmarva Inbreeds July 26, 2009
Finding a smut from South Jersey to give you some dome while chillin' on the couch. Chillin' on the other end of the couch is another South Jersey smut giving your wingman some dome. Both Jersey smuts are vigorously competing to see who can eat the penis pudding first.
Lauren lost a South Jersey head competition to her sister Erin.
by Delmarva Inbreeds July 26, 2009
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