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What is Splash Cup? A drinking game, involving 2 teams of 2 people. (4 ppl) You set up with your partner on one side of the table and yourself on the other. (beruit size table) Each side of the table has 1 cup 2/3 filled. The game is played with 1 ping pong ball. You rotate shooting every shot with the other team.

Created by: Jeff Dell’Orfano Saint Anselm 11’
& Steve Gaudet Saint Anselm 11’ 8/19/2010
Splash Cup Official Game


Shoot for the cup on the other side of the table, if:

1.You shoot the ball and your partner deflects it with 1 hand, and it hits cup, but does not go in the cup: 1 pt.

2.You shoot and the ball goes in the cup (no deflection): 2 points.

3.You shoot it and your partner on the other side of the table deflects it in the cup using 1 hand (no double tapping/grabbing): 3 points.

4.You take a bounce shot, it goes in the cup: 4 points. ( This is the only shot the opposing player on the other side of the table can block)

5.You take a bounce shot, your partner then deflects it in the cup: 5 points. Alcohol

• Drink must be in the other hand while playing. (no death cup)
• Play until the 1st team reaches 21.
by Delli17 August 19, 2010

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