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A compact version of a nigger. Same horrible characteristics in an even more convinient package. They are a drain on the economy and are stupid as fuck. Commonly known for smelling like old gooch, the nigglet can be identified by the signature sounds it makes such as "nigga please", "dats my nigga", and "give me your wallet white bitch....and your life". The only way to shut a nigglet up is to stuff its mouth full of dick, which is what usually happens durning the day time when they hibernate. At night, in a crack and malt liquor fueled rage, they hit the streets proweling for fried chicken and places to spray paint dicks on. They also look like poop.
nig1 "Yo yo dawg, dats my nigga over there."
nig 2 "Ah yeah boiiiii."
nig 1 "Lets go shoot his ass up"
nig 2 "Yeah lets get that nigglet"
nig 1 "dipset dipset"
by Dell 556 December 06, 2010

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