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when, typically, a man inserts his penis into a womans anus, in the same form as which one would have vaginal sex. Anal foreplay includes licky, touching, massaging, or otherwise pleasuring the anus or anal muscles. Items such as dildos or vibrators are also often used.
In homosexual acts, being as this is the only genuine penetration available, a man's penis is inserted into another man's anus, same as it would a female.
Many sexually active individuals view snal sex as a safe way to prevents STDs and pregnancy, when in reality, both are still possible. Should the man ejaculate in the woman's anus and the sperm drips out a then into the vaginal orifice, it is quite simply just as risky as vaginal sex.
Anal sex can be extremely pleasurable, and extremely painful, typically more-so in the latter. You can be unaware of whether you enjoy it or hate it, because the two feelings match up so evenly.
Often after anal sex, the woman(man) will experience loosened anal muscles and intense pain in the rectal area, depending upon the amount of lubrication at the time of the intercourse, May people often say that after engaging in anal sex, if the man ejaculated inside the anus, they shit cum, often for many days having liquids, including sperm, drip from the anus when using th bathroom, farting, or even simply walking. Many other post-sex symptoms occur.

Sara let me fuck her in the ass last week. I had to lube my dick up like crazy, and let her ease onto it. While we fucked she was like, "i don't know whether it hurts or feels AMAZING."The next morning, she woke up and when she got out of bed, she was walking like my dick was STILL in her fucking ass. She went to the bathroom, and came out complaining that she'd be shitting cum for a week. Which she did. She says we can't have anal sex again till the pain goes away. HAhaHA.
by DeleriouS? December 04, 2008

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