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1 definition by Del Piero Il Migliore

The words 'slut' and 'whore' combine to devastating effect. When neither parent term seem to do the subject justice, 'sl'hore' is brought almost plutonically into play.
'Sl'hore' is the ultimate definition of a promiscuous individual indiscriminate in the choice of his or her sexual partners; it glorifies this fact and in rare cases neutralises it somewhat as the subject was not previously aware of him or her being a 'sl'hore'.
"Oi filth, shut your dirty mouth and get me another Corona you little sl'hore.."

"Oh he's a sl'hore alright, a special kind of sl'hore, one of those Bargain Booze, B&Q sl'hores from the TV."
by Del Piero Il Migliore August 17, 2006