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When someone is being extremely bro like or an area(usually bon fire parties, regular house parties, or local venues when scene bands are playing) becomes ridiculously over run with a large amount of bros and bro hoes in a extremely short amount of time
"We had 2 full kegs of Bud Light until that Bro-Storm occurred."
by Dejackamo Von Rictor May 24, 2007
An insult that is similar to calling a person Cro-Magnum but spiced up for the new millennium.

Best if used when another individual lashes out or becomes defensive towards you.
"Wow Bro-Magnum! Take a chill pill!"
by Dejackamo Von Rictor May 24, 2007
The subject of a particularly cruel prank.

Made popular by an episode of Tom Goes to the Mayor titled Vehicular Manslaughter (S01E07) which guest starred actor/comedian Michael Ian Black.
"He looks like a Steven to me!"
by Dejackamo Von Rictor May 06, 2007

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