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producer of the most annoying sound in the world.

Also, slang for vagina. Given how annoying the sound of a vuvuzela is, it is usually used for a skanky vagina.
Joe: Hey, bro, you wanna hear the most annoying sound ever? *plays vuvuzela*
Bob: Dude, stop it! That's so irritating it's actually painful!

Joe: So I was thinking about banging that Ashley chick.
Bob: Oh dude, no, she has a vuvuzela. Like big time.
Joe: Shit, really? Thanks, bro.
by Deirdre Nightshade June 18, 2010
someone who is incredibly inept with words
Bob: I, uh... well... Jeez, I was flunder--I mean wondering if--
Bill: Sheesh, look at Bob. Fucking Shakespeare, he is.
by Deirdre Nightshade December 13, 2008
1. a traditional English dish of breaded fish fingers and chips (fries) wrapped in newspaper

2. A phrase synonymous with "What an idiot". Comes from situations in which someone does something so unfathomably stupid that the only logical explanation for their actions is that they have fish and chips for brains.
1. Oh man, mum made fish and chips last night, it was so tasty!


Dudebro: Hey, hold my beer and watch this!
Sensible Person: No. You're just gonna hurt yourself doing something stupid.
Dudebro: Nah, come on!
*Dudebro attempts to jump a ledge on his skateboard and ends up landing balls-first on a railing*
Sensible person: Fish and chips...
by Deirdre Nightshade August 28, 2010
"a lot". Similar to like woah, but moreso.
I'm tired like unicorns, I pulled two all-nighters in a row. Imma go to bed now, 'k?
by Deirdre Nightshade October 17, 2010

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