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(verb)Common phrase used in maritimes referring to the act of washing hands or simply cleaning ones self.
"Bobby, go wash up before supper, you've been playing outside all day"
"But Mom!..."
by deh_tripper March 14, 2005
A young american pop "singer" who seems to be idolized and reflected in the younger generations (esp 12 year old girls). Spears seemed to have some form of talent in her VERY early years but has since continued to reach new lows and now has seemingly lost any intrest in even trying to sing. Her new music relies on the sex appeal of her video rather than the musical content to sell the record. In essence, she is a glorified postitue. I highly doubt it was an accident that her first big CD's sleeve opens directly to a nice pic of her crotch.
Jane: Did you see those protitots in the hall today?
Marie: Yea, its like a Britney invasion.
by Deh_tripper February 27, 2005

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