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1 definition by Definatly not a jew

A fighting style specially deveoped by Jews. Is used to combat people telling jew jokes, seen participatin in "Ignore A Jew Day"(on wednsdays), or just fun for random people.

It involves letting out some kind of jew cry while throwing spare change at the offender like throwing stars. While they are ditracted you lay down a whoopin' with your money packed wallet/purse untill they are unconscious(One hit should do the trick),then publicly humiliate them in anyway you see fit
"That punk was getting on my nerves, I kung jewed his ass so bad he didn't know what hit him."

"Dude that man insulted my beard, i'm gonna go kung jew the shit out of him!"

Jew 1: "Dude you totally kung jewed that kid's ass on the playground!"

Jew 2: "I know!"
by Definatly not a jew March 10, 2009