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A funk so foul it curls the the hair on your toes.
Yo mama got shtank punanny so bad that last night when I was givin' her the riki-tiki I passed out into her b-hole
by Def Bommy May 05, 2003
v. To hit with something, throw something at, or shoot.
Dat Boy done ponk a yammy wit me for the last time.
by Def Bommy May 05, 2003
used in place of that four letter word for excrement
You betta' cut that shiznizit before I ponk a yammy on yo abba
by Def Bommy May 05, 2003
secks act - involving putting a womens legs up by her ears so you can rang-slam her b-hole
I gave yo mama the old riki-tiki lass night
by Def Bommy May 05, 2003
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