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1 definition by Deezaleza

A wonderful singer and actress who is a good role model to many young girls.

This girl however is hated by jealous immature girls who claim she "stole" Joe Jonas.

Get over yourself girls. You'll probably never have a decent conversation with the boy.

She is also disliked by hard core Miley Cyrus fans who cannot deal with the fact That Demi will be kicking Miley out on her ass.

Bestfriends with fellow actress Selena Gomez.

Person 1: Dude it's Demi Lovato! I love her!

Person 2: I know, she is so awesome!

Person 3: I hate her.

Person 1 and 2: Why?

Person 3: She took Joe and she is trying to take Miley Cyrus's spot!

Person 1&2: Those are such stupid reasons.
by Deezaleza July 17, 2008