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The Greatest Technologically advanced Piece of equipment out there right now. We the People who bought the First 3G Knew it would have all the Bugs kicked out one thing JOBS did right... If your a technology whore like i am or just want a high quality piece of equipment... Run for an Iphone... It has the Best of all worlds People hate on it, Which only makes me love mine more... Let the cheapskates and Technology Incompetent keep talking shit about this phone more...
Guy 1. "I waited 13.5 Hours for my Iphone 3g"
Girl:"Thats Stupid What a waste of money"*Im hating myself on the inside so I gotta Hate on the New Hotness*
Guy 2:" Yeah Thats lame I dont really have any beef with the phone I just wouldnt know what I was doing with it... So I gotta be a bitch and agree with all the broke MThrFkrs that use Cricket and boost...*Chirp* Hold up its the moms...
Guy1: You guys are both Sippin on da Haterade You need to stop being Iphakers and Grow the Fuck Up. Anyone who hates on me and My phone is just acting HaBITCHual...

Guy 2: Wheres your Video Camera? Wheres your V-Cast?

Girl1: What About the: 1. AT&T network (90% of friends and my entire family is on Verizon)
2. Contract price (~$82/month).
3. Expensive to replace if broken.
Guy1:My REasons to get an Iphone

1. I’m a mac user. The phone would sync everything for me.
2. One device. One thing to carry.
3. Boredom solver.
4. Awesome web browser.
5. I’m out of contract and other phones are not as appealing.
6. The Apps Store promises some free downloads. Pay once for some cool extra.
7. Roll over minutes on AT&T network.
8. More stuff is being developed for it.
Guy 2: I can Play MonKey Ball on this? IM about to jizz in my pants! Way Cooler than my POS Chocolate *Runs To Store To Buy One*

Guy 1: What a NoobSauce...
by DeerockamichiSpittinSoFreely July 15, 2008

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