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2 definitions by DeerSlayer

One who loves Holland because he or she thinks it gives them tax breaks and respect from the US government, rapes little children with polish sausages, and butters his family members and personal appendages with butter with a samurai sword, and when the deed is done he says ohhh what a lovely tea party, and projectile vomits all over his dog while abusing its backside with his jilly wagner.
Alexander is such a leopoldy because he loves wooden shoes and little children with no last names.
by Deerslayer January 24, 2005
the ghetto text language version of WTF also known as WDF "what da fuck"

Used in a quick sentance if scared or suprised
Shane:(pops out of the dark with mask) Boo
Dee; DAFUQ man
by DeerSlayer July 05, 2012