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The sexual position of having a women's ankles to her ears and pounding the shit out of her.
I got dad's secretary in the hucklebuckle at the party last night.
by Deer Man July 27, 2005
the act of kicking a person while they are down.
I knocked him out with the first punch, so I proceeded to shod foot the stupid fucker.
by Deer Man July 27, 2005
A really nasty fart the could kill everyone in the room. A deadly fart.
Roll down the window, I just let a reeper.
by Deer Man July 27, 2005
The act of forming a fist with the middle knuckle protruding and twisting it up someone's ass.
Marc was losing his wrestling match with Tim until giving him a butthole chapman causing Tim to freak out and get pinned.

( origanation-- a highschool wrestling room)
by Deer Man July 27, 2005
A fat person. They usually are uncordinated, have fat protruding out everywhere, and nasty stretch marks all over their body.
Hey slops, did you get enough to eat.
by Deer Man July 27, 2005

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