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a tan occurring on the penis or "schlong", from which it gets it's namesake. essentially a contraction of "schlong tan".
"Hey guys, do you mind if we move up to the nude end of the beach? I'd like to work on my schlan a bit while the sun is still high in the sky."

As heard at the nude beach: "Wow man, you must've logged some serious hours out here to achieve a schlan like that."
by Deep Dark Tropical Schlan September 03, 2009
NOUN: a slang term for a vagina.

Generally used as a more powerful, masculine alternative to the typically "soft" and feminine nicknames such as pussy, coochie, etc. Can also refer to a gay man's anus, where it would substitute for words such as fox hole or mangina.
1) Male: "That box is really heavy. I think you better find a guy help you with that."

Female (lifting box): "Suck my vatro, prick!"

2) "Yo girl, you got a tampon up in this bitch? My fucking vatro just started bleeding like a mofo."

3) Gay male to boyfriend: "...That's not what you said last night when your tongue was all up in my vatro, bitch!"
by Deep Dark Tropical Schlan September 03, 2009

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