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Noun. May refer in general to pontiffs of Teutonic origin, and in particular to Pope Benedict XVI. Keeping with the Germanic tradition of compound words consisting of Deutsch + noun, the expression literally means "German pope". When used to refer to the current Germanic papal figure, it is acceptable to omit articles and use the expression as a proper name. Correct plural form is identical to singular form, although to encounter multiple popes, let alone of the rare breed Deutschpope, would be highly irregular due to the nature of the station. If such a meeting were to transpire, the collection of individuals would be correctly referred to as a Schutstaffel of Deutschpope, at least until the distinct improbability of such an occurrence caused the earth to fly into the sun and incinerate.
The church was quick to absolve Deutschpope of any sin associated with his support of the Nazi party after he provided all the European dioceses with complimentary Black Forest tortes.
by Deemsterhood April 24, 2005

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