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Like slang for Oral Sex..
Mom: Heidi, what where you and Caleb doing last night?

Heidi: Just gave each other Blueberry Kisses... ;))
by Deelyliah November 07, 2010
What some Bieber haters call Justin Bieber. Or, undercover Justin Bieber fans to not totally disrespect the Royal Gayness himself.
Kim: Hey, did you hear that Never Say Never is in movie theatres!? We could see Justin Dweeber and boo everytime we see him!!

Greta: OMFG I hate Justin Bieber SOOO much!
Joseph: I love Justin Bieber...
Greta: What the hell did you just say!?!
Joseph: I hate Justin Dweeber.. >.<
Greta: ...
by Deelyliah March 06, 2011
An eating disorder which somebody came up with for attention, but fits into the way they want their made up disorder to sound because they don't have a real eating disorder. Similar to {wannarexia}.
Emily: Hannah, do you want to eat these peas?
Hannah: No! I have an eating disorder I can't have that... But I'll have that chocolate over there.
Gen: You have a such a fake ed, Hannah.
by Deelyliah June 11, 2016
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