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A term that is used to describe when somebody gets meaningless filler tattoos on them just to take up space.
Nice sleeve, bro. I like all of the skin cheese they threw on there.
by deeliciousness December 11, 2013
When you wake up and first thing you want before water or food or to even brush your teeth, is to bone down. So you do.
Hey girl, did he get it in last night?
Nah, but I got breakfast boned so it was all good!
by deeliciousness December 14, 2013
A girl that is a superhero; works hard, plays harder, loves and takes care of friends and family, enjoys helping others and respects all living things; admirable, honorable.
My friend Jolie is my superheroess. She can run a marathon, rock your world all night and then volunteer at a hospital in the a.m. She is the most superlicious and humble person I know.
by Deeliciousness March 28, 2007
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