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2 definitions by Deeeeeez

A vagina that is droopy, sagging, and generally too large to be visually pleasing. Often times, you will not know that a woman has a bucket until intercourse is about to occur.
T.J. was about to get up in Dani, but when he found that she had a bucket, he quickly zipped up his pants and left.
by Deeeeeez March 28, 2006
A boy or girl with bright red or orange hair, typically pale skin, and freckles on the face. The condition of being a ginger is often known as Gingervitus. A child is born a ginger when both of the parents carry the recessive ginger gene. If both parents are gingers, the gene is sure to pass on. If both simply carry the recesive, there is a 1 in 4 chance of passing on the gene.
I was eating a nice sandwich, and enjoying it. However, when a ginger walked by, I lost my appetite.
by Deeeeeez March 28, 2006