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As seen in the movie and play Oliver twist, a young caddy boy exclaims "Oliver better not peach on us!" thus implying to peach is to tell on or tattle
Helena: I just got grounded!
Damara: oh why?
Helena: Because my little sister peached on me!
Damara: Augh! what a peacher!
#peach #peacher #peached #peaching #english
by Dee.cherri November 21, 2011
A smart, pretty, and sophisticated girl who eagerly awaits her prey. She hides in trees bushes and is loved by most. You can sometimes catch her glace when you call her name.
dude: Hey man do you see that thing in the trees?
guy: yea bro its just a wappa.
#smart #loved #trees #hides #pretty #sophisticated #margot
by Dee.cherri February 19, 2011
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