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2 definitions by Dee Jay Jolt

This term is used to describe the act of performing cunnilingus and/or intercourse after the female has come home from the gym and before she showers. The sweaty female vagina enhances the flavor and the release of endorphins after exercise by the woman increases the joy of sweaty sex. Though it should be noted that a vagina must be clean first prior to getting sweaty from a heavy workout.
"I was so horny we did it post gym pre shower. It was delicious."

Guy: You look so hot I want you now!
Girl: I'm all sweaty from the gym
Guy: Post gym pre shower baby.
by Dee Jay Jolt March 29, 2010
48 4
The woman's vagina and ass combo when she is bent over on all fours. The shape is derived from her asshole to around the outside of her labia majora and then in towards the slit. That makes the spade. The stem is normally visualized unless the girl has meaty labia minora. Though a girl with small or unseen inner labia makes for the best example of an "ace of spades". The "ace" in the name is a great pseudonym for ass or asshole.
Her ace of spades was to die for. I could eat it all night.
by Dee Jay Jolt March 28, 2010
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