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The true definition of freak nasty is to be sexually uninhibited. It is not being afraid to enjoy sex and tryn new things. This person can be female or male, mrried or single... It doesnt mean Ur a hoe or a skank. Just means Ur not afraid to get Ur FREAK on.
person 1: I want U to spank me with a paddle then tie me up and fuck the shit outta me.

person 2: Hell Yeah! That's freak nasty!
by Dedi October 02, 2007
Not being able to control wut you say during sex.
Person 1: Im bout to cum! Ride me in U Crack nasty Son of a bitch!

Person 2: Keep talking.... I like that sexual tourettes!
by Dedi October 02, 2007
A very fucked up person. A person inclined to do cruddy things.
He's a fucking crudball. He lies to woman to get pussy and dont even give no head.
by DEDI September 25, 2007
a person who knows a lot about sex. Not just having it(though that is the best way to learn) Not only from the primal perspective but also on a scientific and intellectual level. This person knows about and can discuss sex from a practical point of view.
Jill: Why does a woman get wet when she's having sex?
Kate: I dont kno. Ask Melly, She's the sexual intellectual
by Dedi October 04, 2007
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