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1 definition by Deckdog007

Screamo is a genre of music that comes from a Heavy Metal backround with Emo lyrics.
The word 'Screamo' is a type of vocal skill that is different to singing because you use your lungs and actauly 'Screaming' insted of singing.
Screamo is a new genre of music that has mainly been around sence 1990 onwards.
Screamo is a very hard type of vocals due to using your lungs and needing to breathe in and out at the same time, The problem is with Screamo is that it really damages your vocal chords and voicebox and can give you bad problems.
Some Screamo bands are different to others for example :
BrokenCyde has a hip-hop beat background but intense high pitch Screamo vocals
Bullet For My Valentine are a band with strong guitar riffs and a deep pitch Screamo with back up vocals, this band has normal singing vocals in aswell as Screamo vocals.
Bands such as Bring Me The Horizon (who happen to be my favorite band!) are Screamo all the way through with different pitchs of Screamo, They can be high pitch and low pitch.
The lyrics in these bands are mostly Emo and dark but bands such as BrokenCyde are Hip-hop happy Screamo and YouMeAtSix being an Indie type band with Minor Screamo vocals.

Oli Sykes the Lead Singer of Bring Me The Horizon.
Matt Tuck the Lead Singer of Bullet For My Valentine.
Oli Sykes has also been in a Hip-Hop rap group named 'Womb 2 Da Tomb' in his early days before becoming a Emo Screamo vocalist with his own fashon line titled 'Drop Dead Clothing'

To summerise 'Screamo' a genre of music with vocals in a screaming shouting style with a heavy guitar and drums.
Vocalist : Ahh my throat is killing me from all that screaming ive been doing in my band.

Friend : Hay we can come back to mine and have a drink and listen to some Screamo music insted of hurting your throat screaming all the time.

Vocalist : Okay sounds good to me, i need to rest more and not talk for a while.
by Deckdog007 July 04, 2009
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