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A protest and series of demonstrations that have gone global and define the frustrations of the the general population towards the laws, regulations and policies of authority that that have been manipulated by corporate greed to put profit above people.
The Occupy Wall Street protests have frightened law enforcement into "Police riots", that have shown the violence comes only from authority.
by Decidedvoter October 29, 2011
To take up time and space. Often confused with "Invade", the act of infiltration.
The protesters camped out in the park to "Occupy" the space as an act of civil disobedience.
by Decidedvoter October 28, 2011
A Facebook White House troll is any person or thing that trolls the comment and reply section of the White House Facebook page with the sole intent of disruption. Posting disturbing images of violence, photo shopped pics of the President and other politicians and making general comments about birth certificates and socialism in order to create fear and intimidation in any manner possible. It is unclear if these posts are directed to the office of the POTUS or simply to harass supporters and others with legitimate comments and replies. What is clear is that they are trolls.
The Facebook White House Troll uses multiple accounts with anonymous user names to harass the president and his supporters.
by Decidedvoter October 28, 2011
A Wikipedia Administrator is registered user at the online encyclopedia that has a number of "privileges" that allow them to do certain things regular users cannot. Wikipedia Admin are nominated and elected by other editors. They do not moderate the site, as is seen on message boards, as the site itself is maintained by the consensus of all involved or contributing to the discussion of a given subject. They have the ability to remove comments permanently, ban users and do a number of task associated with the encyclopedia when needed.
The Wikipedia Administrator was asked to scrub a comment on the talk that was uncivil and and went against the spirit of Wikipedia.
by Decidedvoter October 28, 2011
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