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The phrase "I like balls," said with a slightly Indian accent. By no means should the phrase be taken literally; instead it can be compared to the versatility of the word "shit". One can mean almost anything by saying "Alakbuls", ranging from simple agreement to a hilarious insult.

Alakbuls is not affected by context, gravity, social boundaries, explosions, or parallel dimensions. It is the most versatile word ever invented, besides "OldSpiceMan". But that one is copyrighted. No one likes paying royalties.
Mark - Hey man, howz it goin?
Steve - Alakbuls
Mark - Shweeeet. So are you going to the shindig at Greg's tonight?
Steve - Alakbuls
Mark - Cool! You supplying drinks?
Steve - Alakbuls
Mark - Aw comon man, you earn the most out of everyone here! probably due to your fantastic vocabulary. Shout me a few cold ones? Please?
Steve - Alakbuls
Mark - Yes! I fucking love you Steve!
Steve - Alakbuls
Mark - Yeah dude, see you later at Greg's!
by Decco21 July 27, 2010
1. A short way of saying ceebs
2. Cibs
Ahhh man, cibs explaining what it means.
by decco21 December 17, 2010

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