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Gangsta capital of NO VA
cept the east side of centreville
west side of centreville after crossing the bridge will fuck with your mind
dont go there
them boys is killers over there.
yo lets go to In and out convience
is that on the west side of centreville?
fuck it then i dont wanna get jumped
by Deboh February 02, 2005
a place in northern virginia where hicks and redneck rebels mostly run it
mixed with some hispanic and black but mostly hicks. they try to make up gangs to protect them selves from real gangs there closest neighbor Centreville . centreville gangs are probably the only real gangs in northern virginia because of some neighborhoods on welfare in it including The Meadows, The Knolls . and D-Block.
yo we be gangstas right?
yeah lets go to centreville?
NO there way to gangsta for us were just trying to fit in
by Deboh February 02, 2005

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