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1 definition by Debbie A. Downer

A condition or state of being down; a way of life.

Depressed, dependent, down in the dumps, discouraged, defeated, despondent, deprived, dejected, disheartened, dull, delusional, drunk, dumb, disturbing, degraded, distressed, destroyed, down, downer, downgrade, demoted, doubtful, delinquent, dense, disgusting, disaster, dick, desperate, disgraceful, debilitating, disenchanted
Sorry not tonight, Im D. (down in the dumps, depressed)

Girl 1: I’m gonna loose 10 lbs before summer
Girl 2: That’s D. (doubtful, delusional)

Girl 1: Hey, you want to go to that new bar up the street
Girl 2: No way that place is D. (disgusting)

Everytime I eat carbs I get D for days. (depressed)

That outfit is so D its going to give me nightmares. (disturbing, disgrace, despicable)

I cant tell if he’s that boring or just really D. (dumb)

Is it just me, or is that guy at the bar is D as hell? (drunk, desperate, disgusting)

He is so D for me...and I love it. (desperate)

She's D. (desperate)

I cant go out tonight, my hair is D. (disaster)

Every day around 2:30- 5 I get D....is that normal? (depressed)

She's so D to be me. (desperate)

Last night I was so D, I came home and ate an entire pizza....now I'm gonna feel fat and beyond D for the rest of the week. (drunk, depressed)

Ugh, I am so D. (depressed, despondent, deprived, down in the dumps)

My brothers new gf is definitely a D. (downgrade)

God, I’m so D for him (desperate)

Girl 1: So, how do I look?
Girl 2: D.

Girl 1: Ugh, I knew it....

Girl 1: She puts the EE in D-EE.
Girl 2: Amen.
by Debbie A. Downer April 17, 2011