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Short for Keg-A-Que, a brand name of a portable gas Grill. The Keg-a-Que is a propane grill made from a beer keg and can hold up to 18 succulent hot dogs or up to 15 burgers.

Often used as name calling on the internet towards people who are overweight or often eat and bbq way too often, with excess body fat.
God you eat like an aque.

We have too many left over burgers and hotdogs, oh gosh if only we got an aque here.
by Debber April 16, 2009
Short for scink, or skink, they are the most diverse group of lizards, they're often used as house pets.

Feces of a blue tongued skink leaves a terrible smell, so it's a name often used on the internet for calling people that gives a terrible terrible smell.
You smell like a scin
Oh god, you shower like a scin
by Debber April 16, 2009

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