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3 definitions by Deathrider

The pinnacle of motor sport racing. It started in 1950 with the first ever championship race. You are an idiot if you do not watch it, as it takes place all over the world. Most Americans do not like the sport for they are ignorant idiots who watch NASCAR, which sucks.
Guy A: Who do you think is going to win the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix?
Guy B: Alonso and Renault
by Deathrider March 24, 2006
Someone who is really cool and eats people. People are good... they taste like chicken. Cannibals mostly enjoy feasting on preps and "gangstas" and anyone who doesn't know what Metallica is.
Cannibal: I will eat you.
Prep: OH NO! I'm going to go listen to Avril Lavigne to make me feel better.
Cannibal: Yum, my favorite.
by Deathrider March 24, 2006
A human who believes he/she is better than others. Preps are usually seen wearing Abercrombie clothes and are sometimes called Aberzombies. Preps are really fun to laugh at, and usually wear sweat pants because they think they are cool. Preps are associated with pop/rap music, blonde hair, stupidity (i.e. How many days are there in February?), and really tight clothes.
Danielle is a prep because she believes the world is hers.
by Deathrider March 24, 2006