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Animal skinned boots with a rather pointy toe. The simplest style are made of cow leather (usual a tan to dark brown) with simple top stiching. However in Texas Vaqueros tend to wear boots with a longer point out of brightly colored alligator skin, rattle snake, etc. It is believed that they are popular with Mexicans because the pointed toe helps make climbing border fences easier. Also these books kick ass in a fight and will cause almost anyone to go down with a few well placed kicks
::note- do not kick your significant other::
Fashionistas wear "cowgirl" boots. A real cowgirl wears shit kickers.
How'd he get over the fence so fast? He was wearing shit kickers.
Them some fancy shit kickers ya' got there.
by deathmuffin October 26, 2006
When you frequently stalk someone on Facebook (or other social media devices) and use their pictures for sexual entertainment
Person 1: Damn dude, did you see the bikini picture on Aubrey's Facebook page?
Person 2: Not yet, is it hot?
Person 1: Yeah man, I was Facebook Fapping to it all last night.
by Deathmuffin May 15, 2014
When one is on a reality show, to spit in the face of another contestant of said show.
He (Tailor Made) straight up pumkin'd Mr Wise.
by deathmuffin October 30, 2007
aka a faux hawk
a stripe of slightly longer hair on a male which is geled up to resemble a mohawk, but there is hair longer than stubble on the sides of the head.
referes to faux hawks for guys only; except in the circumstance of if the girl's side hair is longer than 1.5 inches and her hawk is shorter than 3 inches-then it's a shit hawk instead of a chick hawk
he wanted a mohawk, but his mom said no so he got a shit hawk instead.
by deathmuffin October 26, 2006
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