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A Stuart (or Stu for short) is the name of a cocky bastard who has good reason to be cocky. The term originated in Toronto around 2003, it is unkown exactly as to who started the term but it is commonly accept that the term was originaly used to describe Stuart Allan
Girl "Stuart why are you so cocky"
Stu "I am not cocky I am just confident"
Girl slides down Stuart’s pants
Girl "Oh that’s why"
by Deathdog April 24, 2008
A shark bite is when you creep up on a sleeping un-suspecting victem. You then proced to put your ass checks AROUND his nose, so you pull your checks appart and then let them go back to the way they were with the victems nose inside (this is the shark bite part). To complete the shark bite you must let go a fart. The smell will go directly into the victems nose, and possibly into his mouth. He will be permanently scared for life.
Shark Biter: Dude i shark bite this kid so hard last night !

Victem: Dude i got shark bite soo hard last night i can still taste it...i even think the smell got stuck behind my eyeballs. It was terrible !
by Deathdog April 24, 2008

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