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4 definitions by DeathMagnetic

A shitty band composed by a fat bitch called Kevin, another fat bitch called Joe and a stupid bitch with diarrhea (...or diabetes?) called Nick.

These 3 stupid whores are also WRONGLY known as the Jonas Brothers.
God: The Jonas Sisters Suck

The rest of the world: We agree!
by DeathMagnetic August 21, 2008
Reporter- Do you have anything to say to the public?
Dave Mustaine- METAL UP UR ASS!!!
*Cut to Metallica cheering and flipping off the camera*
by DeathMagnetic August 20, 2008
Poser and Loser put together in a word. A fake person that doesn't get success in his/her life.
1.He's fake!

2.Yes he's a Ploser!
by DeathMagnetic August 19, 2008
Is what should do every single player of World of Warcraft.
normal person: Get a life

WoW player: "no response"
by DeathMagnetic August 21, 2008