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Lenny McLean was the toughest bare-knuckle fighter, he was the hardest man in England, he was the Guv'nor.

Not only was he a bare knuckle fighter, he was a regular bouncer at the Hippodrome, East London and also bounced for other clubs who asked him, and where ever he was, nobody would cause any trouble.
Lenny McLean is the dogs bo*locks as far as fighting is concerned
#lenny #mclean #fight #bare #knuckle
by DeathEgg666 July 14, 2006
David Brent is a fictional character played very well by the one and only Ricky Gervais in the BBC sitcom The Office!
'David Brent is a friend first, boss second'
#ricky #gervais #the office #extras #karl #pilkington
by DeathEgg666 July 29, 2008
a term used when there is a lot of something
"shit, chavs mcgee"
"whoa,lets chip outta here man, pigs mcgee"
#chavs #chav #townies smell #david brent #neds
by DeathEgg666 June 14, 2006
Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw. Roy Shaw was one of the toughest unlicensed boxers to ever come out of England. He put up a tremendous battle against some of his oppenents who were usually 6 foot an above, Roy, however was only 5'9.

Not only has he had an unlicensed boxing career, which he did by the way start in his early forties, he has also had a criminal record an has even been a prisoner in Englands toughest prison....Broadmoor.

Roy has been transferred to many different prisons beacause he can not be controlled unless he is drugged up.

People say you can never beat the system, but the system has never beat him either.
Roy Shaw gave Lenny McLean a run for his money
#roy #shaw #lenny #mclean #streetfight #boxing
by DeathEgg666 September 05, 2006
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