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Death is beatiful in the fact it takes you from your life. Yet its mysterious, unknown, and no shit deadly. You cant escape it, it will and is coming for you. You could have the best life and death can take you from it, you can speed death up yoursef. either fuckin way everyone dies in the end, were dying every day, minute, and secon. don't waste it.
'your uncle is dead.'
'death finally caught up to the asshole? good.'
'your so kind.'
'fuck you.'
#death #dead #end to life #dying #see grim reaper
by Death ends it November 26, 2009
An uneducated moron with no mind and or common sense to see that homopbia is stupid and irrastional. Love is love, get over it. They need to grow up and get a life. Homophobes will shun their own famiky if they knew any were gay/lesbian and therfore need to grow the hell up and get over it its childish.
i cant tell me rents im gay.
theyre homophomes..
oh, sorry dude thats rough.

homophobe is stupid
#homophobe #stupid #need life #in need of groing up #fear of gays
by Death ends it November 26, 2009
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