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A kick-ass singer/songwriter from Canada. Is not influenced by other people and is not afraid to be her own person. Wears what she likes to wear and does what she likes to do. Says what she feels. Is sympathetic and very pretty. Is a great singer and respects her fans. She is often slated by other people because they follow the sheep. To those who don't respect her: get over yourself.
"OMG did you see that Avril apparently said 'Fuck you!' and spat at the papparazi!?!"

Avril (interview on Seventeen magazine): I was at the nightclub Hyde, and there were a million paparazzi guys. They’re all these gross older men, like disgusting-scum of the earth. They follow you around with clipboards and these glossy pictures of your and a blue Sharpie. They shove it in your face when you walk out of a club, then sell it on eBay, so I went “F*** you, f*** you, f*** you” on mine. (Laughs.) Then I spit on them. And they love it. They’re all laughing – “Avril spit on me!” But I’d been spitting on them for two years and that one time it became a story. They cared this time because there was nothing else going on. Like the Britney no-underwear thing – they always need a story. At that particular time there was nothing to talk about, so they made it into a story about me saying “F*** you!” to my fans who were waiting for autographs. But it was outside at Hyde at one’o clock in the morning! And these were men- not my fans. I would never in a million years…So I put out a statement and said, “Sorry about my behaviour- that was not toward my fans.”
by Dearbhla March 21, 2007

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