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1. the tip (nozzle) of a device used to deliver enemas or colonics; usually it's not very clean.

2. someone you don't like and can't trust, who acts like a complete asshole most of the time
That dude in my lab is such a cognozzle. He's always stealing my ideas, eating my lunch, and taking credit for my work.
by Deanz October 05, 2006
1. the hole between your butt cheeks where shit comes out
2. a stupid asshole of a person
3. someone who is of low intelligence, whom you can't trust
Did you see what Joe squirted out of his coghole last night? Yeah, what a coghole to do that in front of everyone.
by Deanz October 05, 2006
The sound that a zero makes going through life (zuffff....)
Did you see those zuffs smoking weed down by the bridge?
by Deanz August 20, 2006
slang word for foreskin (originated in New England?)
Heather reached down the front of her new boyfriend's pants and was surprised to discover that he was "wearing a sweater".
by Deanz October 29, 2006
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