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One who stuffs a chuff

to : have anal sex, a butt fuck, pack fudge, mine marmite, take the old dirt road, win a double rollover, go to brown town, black eye.
Ginger kid: Hmm thats a nice ass on that black man

Black man: thankyou son fancy a go?

Ginger kid: yeah sure dont mind if i do

Black man: you sick chuff stuffer
by Deanios November 23, 2007

One with Herp - has herpes

Herpes, the HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus) relative of chicken pox, herpes lays dormant until times of immunocompromisation when it will reinfect an individual for the rest of their lives.

That Herped Whore
Dude shes peppered with Herp
HAHAHAHA dude you caught herp
I gotta get ma herp checked first bitch
by Deanios November 23, 2007
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