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A female so utterly vile (eg, Kay's sister Carol) that even 12 Holsten Pils & a half bottle of vodka would not be accepted as a viable excuse.

(see Boaby)
on waking up on Saturday & realised I was in bed with that fucking hogbeast Carol, as she escape was impossible as it was sleeping on my arm. I found myself contemplating knawing it off at the shoulder like a trapped fox.
by Dean McCluskey April 01, 2003
A slang term for male reproductive organ.
Paul not only had one testicle but the poor bastards miniscule boaby was surrounded by a mass of ginger pubes...
by Dean McCluskey April 01, 2003
A male who appears to have an allergy to pussy & swings toward boaby's instead
My mate paul is a beaver leaver 'fucking poof'
by Dean McCluskey April 01, 2003
A gust of expelled air from a burds minge causing a lip ripplin fanny fart !!!
I blew up Avril's chuff (didn't realise it could kill her) Then laughed for everytime she Queefed as I poked her belly !!!!!
by Dean McCluskey April 01, 2003

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