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1 definition by Dean Lively

someone who was made by god to bring peace on earth, people named this have a way of sweeping you off your feet, and making you absolutly speechless when thats the last thing you want. Someone named Shalu is absolutly gorgeous inside and out, with a "beyond incredible" personality, and a charming laugh that makes your heart smile and melt. Usually these people will never know the truth about their own incredibleness due to their insane amount of shyness, they need to learn to embrass their talent and share it with the world as to put their own amazingness to use. In a nutshell, Shalu's are beyond amazing, incredible, gorgeous, beautiful, and talented.
Wow, that girl is a hell of a Shalu

Shalu means Smiling, cute. intelligent.
by Dean Lively August 15, 2010