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1. The law states that any amount of time it takes one man or multiple men to do a task, shall be done in half the amount of time by Josh;
Example. Electrician 1: Wow, we roughed in that house in only 2 days!"
Electrician 2: "Ya man, we killed that house."
Josh: "In Saskatoon me and 2 other guys wired 5 houses like that in 3 hours."
Electrician 1: "Josh's Law."
by Deafboy February 06, 2012
Deaf-mute means a person are deaf and can't speak at all. But can talking with ASL/American Sign Language. Some are hard of hearing can hear but can't speak.
1. That boy is deaf-mute.
2. I'm deaf-mute
3. My friend is hard of hearing. He can hear but he's deaf-mute. He couldn't talk at all. Try to understand him what he trying to say.
by deafboy June 20, 2007

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