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hanging out in the same room, everyone on their own laptop/phone/etc
I SanFransocialized with Rubin, Heather and Ed last night.

I'm over at Ian's house SanFransocializing with Quarly, Ian and Kai
by DeadlyiCoN January 28, 2009
A sarcastis, especially one contained within the human body.
A sensory structure capable of detecting even the most minute amounts of sarcasm in human speech.
Ouch my sarcasticles!

Sorry I didnt get that, my sarcasticles must be broken.
by DeadlyiCoN April 28, 2006
a monogorifice describes a fictional orifice occupy-able (metaphorically) by a single partner.

The word monogorifice is a combination of the words monog (short for monogamy) and orifice.
Hi Tim, nice to meet you, are you currently the soul occupier of Jessica's monogorifice?

"Jared", "Yes Binx?", "If I had a monogorifice I'd wanna shove you in it!", single tear

It's ok, you can spend the night, my monogorifice is currently unoccupied ::wink wink::
by DeadlyiCoN August 15, 2008
anything adorable related to binx
that picture of Binx is absolutely adorabinx
i love the domain "adorabinx.com" is adorabinx!
by DeadlyiCoN June 26, 2008
"is too much!"
"a wiked awesome burningman 2006 art project."
"2pir is too much!"
"that 2pir project on burningman 2006 was fucking awesome"
by DeadlyiCoN September 22, 2006
A dick, which is made of balls
"God Damn! that guy was a dickball"
"You Sir, Are a Dick... which is made of Balls!"
by DeadlyiCoN September 22, 2006
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