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1 definition by Dead Jack

1. A plant that repairs the soil when disturbed by demineralization, flooding, fire, or other natural disaster.

2. Monsanto's version of the devil - designed to make farmers purchases obscene amounts of toxic chemicals and spray them onto arable land, rendering it unusable by non-Monsanto engineered and patented crops.

3. Slang for Cannabis sativa, hemp, or marijuana - a plant that contributes considerable economic and medicinal value to communities that raise it. Weed can be grown for medicines, oils, fibers, and whole-foods. The Constitution of the United States was written on 'weed' paper.
I love weed! It makes my flowers bloom, Monsanto mad, and the oil man weep. Weed is truly God's gift to humanity - if God were a geneticist that terraforms planets and populates them with experimental lifeforms.
by Dead Jack March 08, 2011
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