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1 definition by DeVotie

It's in southern Connecticut, and contrary to VERY popular belief, isn't full of beer and polos. OK so maybe it is, but not everywhere. Norwalk is NOT that ghetto. We do NOT have keg parties every other weeknight. (though acid and weed are not uncommon, oxy-contin is like not existent) Though we do get SOME ghetto points because 50 Cent owns a house in Newtown, we do not like to think we're ghetto. (at least not a majority) The only reason we are the richest county is because the land and weather is generally pleasant, people constantly move up here, and the real estate has gotten high. Therefore so has tax. Which explains our insane education program. It is very good, but what this place is TRULY filled with is emos and punks. Many of us are actually more likely to be succesful because we get the education. For many of us who have spent all our lives here, we are quite like you guys. Except smarter. The OC is most definitely worse than we are.
Many of the young population of Fairfield County spend their free time in front of high tech computers thinking of ways to tell the rest of America that they aren't rich, wannabe preppies.
by DeVotie June 09, 2006
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