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A good rapper from Chicago. He creates great rhythms and has good lyrics, but has a couple of whacked ideas. For example, he thinks if you're rich, you can pay the government to survive AIDS. He got this from the fact that Magic Johnson, a former NBA star, has been living with AIDS for a long time, and is still living a healthy life. But this is because he has been very careful about the things he eats and he works out constantly. Most people who get AIDS can extend their life expectancy by doing the exact same things, and staying positive about their life. NOT by paying off the government. Also, he has a very negative view to white people. He thinks George Bush hates black people. George Bush is just stupid. I'm black, and I realize this. This is ironic, because at least 65% of his fans are white, yet he is still an asshole to the white community. He also created a song about how the white people exploited the people of Sierra Leone to get to their diamonds (Diamonds of Sierra Leone), which is a true fact. But he made over 1 million $ from the song, and donated very little if that to charities in Africa. Very hypocritical.

But he is still one of thegreatest rappers of all time.
"you can live through anything if Magic made it"
-Kanye West
by DeShawn Daviston July 10, 2008

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