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When an athlete, or public figures, hubris undermines their own cause so profoundly that even the strongest supporters think they're a traitorous douche-bag. Bad Judgment so profound and epic that everyone laughs at your half-witted egotism.
Jamie really Terry'd it when she slept with her sisters husband on their wedding night.

I don't know what you were thinking when you agreed to buy an ounce of weed for your 15 year old neice; you really Terry'd things this time, dumbass.
by DeMinimisD June 21, 2010
A professional gaffe or lapse in judgement by a well-known public figure (especially a politician). A mistake of epic proportions.
I used my wife's office on Parliment Hill to make long distance phone calls for phone sex; what a huge Jaffer that was

Dude, I think that quitting your job scouting for the New York Yankees to break into porn might have been a total Jaffer.
by DeMinimisD April 27, 2010

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