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A drinking game invented by current University of Pittsburgh students Sam Montgomery, Dan Jordan, and Ben "The Jew" Gomberg. This game involves plastic cups, a quarter, and lots and lots of canned beer. First you need to gather as many people as you want to play. Usually a good number is 4. The more people there are, the harder the game gets. Everyone sits around a large table or flat surface. Each player gets a plastic cup and a can of beer. They pour as much beer as they want into the cup, and then the first person spins the quarter on the table. Once the quarter is spinning, the player picks up their cup with one hand, chugs the beer in the cup, puts the cup down, and picks up the quarter with the same hand they chugged the beer with. If the quarter falls off the table, the player must drink what is in their cup, refill it, and spin/drink again. If the quarter hits another cup on the table, the player must drink what's in that cup as well as what is in their cup, refill their cup, and spin/drink again. When someone finishes a beer, they may place it on top of the quarter while it is spinning during any give turn. The player who was in the process of drinking when the can was placed must spin/drink again, and the can stays there for the rest of the game. If at any time the quarter hits the can, the player must spin/drink again. The game goes until you run out of beer or everyone passes out.
Yo let's go play some landmines.
Dude we're gonna get so fucked up if we play that
by DeMarco201 March 16, 2008

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