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Another name for anal sex.
Hey dont be doing the poopa scoopa, it might lead to bad memories
by DeLarsh January 25, 2009
When you have a sugar high off the energy drink monster and your having sex.
Last night i monster cawk slapped that girl
by DeLarsh January 25, 2009
Another word for masturbation for a girl
I caught my daughter picking clams the other day.
by DeLarsh January 25, 2009
another name for beatin off
yo bro you check out those pics of jessica beil with the safe search off.. oh yeah i spoon feed the dragon to that shit all night.
by DeLarsh January 07, 2009
To clean out your foreskin and throw the nasty in a girls mouth.
Hey man that girl likes when i give her the wedding ring.
by DeLarsh January 14, 2009
A person using jlova langauge, talking about how big your dick is.
Hey Fupa Troppa how many Rings On Your Tree Trunk.
Fupa Troopa: wtf
by DeLarsh January 23, 2009

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